Licensing standards

Controls for the issuance of licenses

for aquaculture projects


The aquaculture industry in Saudi Arabia is based on the optimal exploitation of the natural resources available by formulating public policies, plans and programs which regulate the sustainable management and development of these resources. The regulations of fishing, investment and protection of living aquatic resources in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were issued by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 14, dated 21/01/1408 H and crowned by the Royal Decree No. M / 9, on 27/03/1408 H. The Ministry of Agriculture seeks to attain self-sufficiency of fishery products, and contribute to the achievement of national food security, diversification and modernization of the productive base, as well as optimization of the available resources, improving the economic and marketing efficiency, and making available various high quality fishery products with reasonable prices, in addition to exporting the surplus.

In view of the promising development in the aquaculture areas and activities, the need required to keep pace with this development through the formulation of modern controls and mechanisms governing the issuance of licenses for aquaculture projects and monitors their activities.


Controls for the issuance of licenses for aquaculture projects    

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