Issuing Licenses

General guidelines for the issuance of licenses for aquaculture projects


The Aquaculture Department of the Ministry of Agriculture acts as the competent authority that manages the aquaculture industry in the Kingdom. It is responsible for implementing the controls for the issuance of licenses of aquaculture projects and performing all monitoring activities. In view of the importance of keeping up with the current development in the aquaculture sector and the steady increase in the number of aquaculture projects, in addition to the expected future growth of this promising industry in all its aspects, this developed set of guidelines, controls and procedures was prepared aimed at developing this sector and its conformity with the concept of sustainable development of aquaculture in the Kingdom.

These guidelines provide the general features of the new approaches to the licensing of aquaculture projects and monitoring their activities, as well as the requirements and procedures for requesting new licenses by any investor willing to begin or continue investing in aquaculture projects. They also provide a controlling vision for the implementation of these projects after licensing them. Generally, these guidelines must be observed when applying controls and procedures to issuance of licenses and monitoring the aquaculture projects and controlling their activities.  The controls and procedures which regulate the issuance of licenses for aquaculture projects and control their activities include all the commitments which all investors must observe. The responsibility of implementing these controls lies on the shoulders of each investor involved in the operation and management of aquacultural projects, while the responsibility of monitoring the activities of the aquacultural projects rests on the competent authority.

Electronic copies of these instructions, controls and procedures, and all license request forms can be obtained from the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and the website of the Saudi Aquaculture Society


General guidelines for the issuance of licenses for aquaculture projects   

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