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Aquaculture operations in floating HDPE cages

  • Aquaculture operations in floating HDPE cages

The document has been funded and produced in the framework of the Technical Cooperation Programme between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations during the implementation of two unilateral trust fund projects, i.e. “Support to the Fish Farming Center (FFC), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia” and “Strengthening and supporting further development of aquaculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. The purpose of this manual is to provide a general overview of farming and management techniques needed to operate high-density polyethylene (HDPE) floating fish-culture cages, including the types of materials used, their technical specifications and operability.
Proposal to Introduce ( vannamei) to KSA

  • Proposal to Introduce ( vannamei) to KSA

This proposal for the introduction of whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)2 to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for aquaculture development was prepared by an international team of experts at the behest of the Saudi Aquaculture Society (SAS).
	      Manual of Biosecurity and SOP for Shrimp

  •   Manual of Biosecurity and SOP for Shrimp

The Biosecurity for the shrimp industry in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a priority due to the presence of exotic and endemic disease which pose a potential risk for this growing aquaculture industry. The objective of this Manual is to ensure the shrimp aquaculture sustainability by following the procedures and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) described in this document
Second Report – Events & Activities

  • Second Report – Events & Activities

In the second report, the General Secretary of Saudi Aquaculture Society sought to cover the most important activities and events held by the society during the last three years since establishment; 2012, 2013, and 2014. SAS held several activities serving the sector and facilitates investment procedures and treating many obstacles facing public sectors during the previous years as well as holding many workshops and symposiums to enhance aquaculture, exchange information, and show experiments and experience.
SAS Anual report 2012

  • SAS Anual report 2012

The first report published by Saudi Aquaculture Society including information about the society's establishment and its early stages as well as the details of different stages of the society starting from the constituent assembly, the first assembly, and electing the first board of directors.

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