National Prawn Company signs cooperation agreement for algae production with Basf

National Prawn Company seeks through a new step to enhance its leading role in field of fish farming in the world and also achieving the targets of persons in charge of the same to convert the same to

Interview of His Excellency Eng. Ahmed Al Bala' SAS Chairman with Saudi TV

One day after the press conference held by the company, CEO of National Prawn Company and SAS Chairman Eng. Ahmed Al Bala' has appeared for the viewers of Saudi TV through Sabah Saudi Program from

National Prawn Company successes in hatching sea cucumber

In a new achievement of its type in KSA and at important time of history of development in Aquaculture in Saudi Arabia, National Prawn Company announces that it has managed to produce more than 23 mil

Emir of Tabuk opens number of projects of Tabuk Fish Company

His Royal Highness Emir Fahd Bin Sultan, Emir of Tabuk Region has visited the headquarter of Tabuk Fish Company in Moelh in company with His Highness Minister of Transport and His Highness president o

Agreement of National Prawn Company with Norwegian Akva Company

In an important leap at level of growth and development of Aquaculture Sector in KSA, National Prawn Company in (Al Lith) announces the operation of the largest marine fish production farm with the la

Workshop on aspects of Saudi-Dutch cooperation

His Highness Minister of Agriculture Dr. Fahd Balghanem, his Excellency Undersecretary of Fisheries Affairs, His Excellency Ambassador of Kingdom of Netherlands and number of officials of Ministry of

Opening the Aquaculture Farm in Faculty of Marine Sciences, Jeddah

National Prawn Company adopts the support of extending and developing the Aquaculture Farm in Faculty of Marine Sciences, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah His Excellency Manager of King Abdul Aziz

The first General Assembly in history of SAS

The meeting of the first General Assembly in history of Saudi Aquaculture Society has been held in the headquarter of Directorate General of Agriculture in Jeddah, Sunday 28.11.1433 AH, corresponding

Formation of SAS Constituent Assembly

His Excellency Minister of Agriculture Dr. Fahd Balghunaim directs the formation of SAS Constituent Assembly Eng. Ahmed Al Bala', President Mr. Haider Al Sahtot, Vice-president Mr. Nasser Al Mans

Establishing Saudi Aquaculture Society (SAS)

After great efforts along years in order to establish society for aquaculture in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exerted by Ministry of Agriculture, some private authorities and experts working in aquaculture

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