National Prawn Company signs cooperation agreement for algae production with Basf

Sheikh Suleiman Al Rajhi (we stand on one of our national achievements thresholds)

National Prawn Company signs cooperation agreement for algae production with Basf
KSA – Al Lith 2013-07-07

National Prawn Company seeks through a new step to enhance its leading role in field of fish farming in the world and also achieving the targets of persons in charge of the same to convert the same to an aquaculture company of various products and to verify the income source in the company; especially,  after problems of diseases that have faced sector of shrimp farming in KSA two years ago. Years ago, NPC was seeking through an ambitious program to farm and produce the micro-algae of high economic value that are utilized as medical products or food supplements; therefore, it has established unit for producing the Concentrated Corolla Algae for the first time at the level of the region.

In continuation of this approach, NPC has signed at its headquarter in Al Lith a joint cooperation agreement with German Basf Lodyavin Company, as the agreement has been signed by Sheikh Suleiman Al Rajhi, CEO of National Prawn Company and Michael Serranski vice-president of Basf Company, in Human Nutrition Unit and in presence of the Undersecretary of Ministry of Agriculture for Fisheries and the German Consul in Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Suleiman Al Rajhi said that "Today, on one of our national achievements thresholds to confirm, by our signature on this agreement, that we have managed with full worthiness to reach to the level of the global companies of the first class in field of farming and producing the algae in system of open lakes. Such lakes prepare these algae to be used in more than one nutritious form; whether in the beverages or as food supplement submitted to the consumer in other various forms.  

By Saudi Aquaculture Society, on 07 July 2013

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