Interview of His Excellency Eng. Ahmed Al Bala' SAS Chairman with Saudi TV

We aim at producing 300 tons per year from sea cucumber in the future

Interview of His Excellency Eng. Ahmed Al Bala' SAS Chairman  with Saudi TV
KSA – Riyadh 2013-05-13

One day after the press conference held by the company, CEO of National Prawn Company and SAS Chairman Eng. Ahmed Al Bala' has appeared for the viewers of Saudi TV through Sabah Saudi Program from TV studios in Riyadh, yesterday, 03.07.1434 AH. Such great achievement of the company was still circulating, as it is represented in the great success in producing more than 23 million larvae of sea cucumber in one cycle and such achievement has been made by company’s experts.

This step with promote the company's ability to produce large commercial quantities of sea cucumber that is expected to reach to 90 tons during the first year. Eng. Al Bala' thank the Saudi TV  for the hosting and submitted a brief and easy summary of the essence of the fish farming in general and gave summarized historic brief on the beginning of National Prawn Company and also shrimp farming. He has showed the new strategy followed by the company several years ago to verify the sources of its income through verifying the production and farming economic types of the fish and sea cucumber as well as the main field of the company; namely, shrimp production.

Eng. Ahmed Al Bala' said that choosing sea cucumber was for some reasons; the most important one thereof is the economic aspect, because this type of sea cucumber, which the company has commenced the farming thereof, is one of the most sea creatures as for the economic value. In addition, he didn’t neglect the large environmental role of these creatures, which are threatened with extinction, not only in the red sea, but also in the world through filtering the water, purifying the soil and improving environment quality in places, where it lives.

He added that sea cucumber is one of the creatures that have high economic value and it become one of the creatures targeted in the fishing. There is great concentration on the Red Sea, due to the quality of the categories existing in the same. He stated that there are laws forbid catching it in KSA. He indicated that the idea of producing sea cucumber has commenced before 5 years, since 2008 approximately, but the real research experiments ware before 3 years. He confirmed that the achievement in this project is represented in the mothers that produced such quantities of mothers' larvae produced in the company. He confirmed that this will give the company greater ability to control the production and he affirmed that the production expected for the first year is 90 tons to reach to the targeted production 3000 tons per year.

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By Saudi Aquaculture Society, on 13 May 2013

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