Agreement of National Prawn Company with Norwegian Akva Company

Agreement of supplying equipment for project of floating cages in the Red Sea that National Prawn Company intends to launch with capacity of 100 thousand tons per year.

Agreement of National Prawn Company with Norwegian Akva Company
- Saudi Arabia –Jeddah 2013-04-23

In an important leap at level of growth and development of Aquaculture Sector in KSA, National Prawn Company in (Al Lith) announces the operation of the largest marine fish production farm with the latest floating cages systems. The capacity of this great project, whose contract has been signed with Norwegian Akva Group with expense of 40 million SR, is 100.000 tons fish/year. It is expected that the equipments and supplies related to this great project will be supplied in 2013 AD during the period from April to October. The large Norwegian Group has expressed its pleasure of signing the contract with National Prawn Company and the officials thereof have expressed their pleasure to sign this contract, which will be the largest in Middle East Region.

National Prawn Company was seeking to be achieve one of its most important goals to be one of the most integrated aquaculture projects in the world through entering to producing various types of water creatures of high economic value; like fish, sea cucumber, types of economic algae and crustacean. In addition, National Prawn Company seeks to playing a leading role in supporting the trend of the Saudi Government to achieve the self-sufficiency from the marine products; especially the fish before 2029 AD.

The Company has resorted to attract team from Chile in order to operate this farm with the best global experiences and providing the training for the local cadres of the employees in the company.


By Saudi Aquaculture Society, on 23 April 2013

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