The first General Assembly in history of SAS

SAS General Assembly elects Eng. Ahmed Al Bala' as chairman for the Society and Ms. Dina Al Gharis as deputy chairman.

The first General Assembly in history of SAS
- Saudi Arabia – Jeddah 2012-10-14

The meeting of the first General Assembly in history of Saudi Aquaculture Society has been held in the headquarter of Directorate General of Agriculture in Jeddah, Sunday 28.11.1433 AH, corresponding to 14.10.2012 AD.

The meeting has been attended by 27 members personally and by proxy from 30 members to choose 10 members represent the board of directors as well as the chairman and his deputy. The process of voting and sorting has been carried out by committee formed from members from the Ministry of Agriculture and under its supervision.
The committee, which has supervised the Society's elections, has declared the winning of Eng. Ahmed Al Bala' of position of chairman, Ms. Dina Al Gharis of the position of vice-chairman and the winning of ten members who represent the board of directors; namely, Eng. Ahmed Rashed Al Bala', Mr. Mohamed Jaber Al Sahli, Mr. Mosaed Abdurrahman Al Faez, Mr. Nasser Gar-Allah Al Gameel, Ms. Dina Abdullah Al-Fares, Mr. Nasser Ali Al Shareef, Mr. Ali Mohamed Al Sheikhi, Mr. Mohamed Saed Baghanem, Mr. Ibrahim Al Salem Al Meshari, Mr. Issa Al-Yussef.
Eng. Ahmed Rashed Al Bala' has given a speech, in which he has highlighted the idea of establishing the Saudi Aquaculture Society (SAS) stating that the preparation for SAS has begun since 1422 AH under supervision of Ministry of Agriculture and in coordination with some aquaculture projects in KSA. These efforts have been supported by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Abdul Aziz sponsorship of Jazan Agricultural forum in Dhul-Qi'dah 1423 AH that has highlighted the prospected importance of Fisheries industry in advancing the social and economic development for the regions targeted by forum's plans.

By Saudi Aquaculture Society, on 14 October 2012

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